Sweet treats – Fresh from Sicily

Exquisite delicacies from one of the island’s best-loved confectioners

Close to the coast of western Sicily is Canicattì, a hillside town of sun-warmed golden stone built on the foundations of past occupants – Romans, Arabs, Normans, French and Spanish. These influences have found their way into local food – no more so than at the town’s Angelo Inglima pastry shop, which has served grateful customers for over fifty years. Led by Giovanni, this family-run business is inspired by recipes handed down to grandmother Maria – and top-quality local, seasonal ingredients create delicacies of sublime deliciousness.

A range of delicacies

The shop uses local produce such as Sicilian lemon curd and figs – and buccellati, a deliciously sweet fig biscuit is exceptionally popular. Other creations include marzipan Easter doves and Easter lambs – small and exquisitely modelled animals made from this ground-almond sweetmeat – whilst Taralli biscuits can be flavoured with orange, lemon, vanilla, aniseed or seeds. When first made, they are firm to the touch – though the following day they are yieldingly soft and delicious, and go particularly well with a fresh espresso. You’ll also find martorana fruits at Angelo Inglima; these look like real fruit (and even vegetables!) but are made from sweet, melt-in-the-mouth marzipan.

Like buying your confectionery straight from the shop!

Other Sicilian desserts and cakes include cassata, a cake made of sweetened ricotta (sheep’s milk), sponge cake, marzipan (yet again!) and candied fruit. Cannoli are tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough containing a sweet, creamy filling, whilst mignons are small, bite-size tartlets topped with a cream and glazed fruits. Everything is prepared and baked fresh on the premises – and with modern sealing and packaging techniques, you can now enjoy the freshness and deliciousness of Angelo Inglima confectionery as if you had bought it straight from the shop in Canicatti!

Almond Cakes

Almonds are a key ingredient to Sicilian confectionery and baking – and a signature almond biscuit is pasticcini, which has distinctly Arab origins. Hand-prepared, these soft biscuits are Sicilian favourites, with almonds creating a delicate, unforgettable flavour.

New Pastries

A traditional family favourite, these almond biscuits contain our unique sweet zucchini jam. The biscuits are made to a traditional recipe, using fresh local ingredients to ensure a delicious and memorable flavour.


Vasocottura, or ‘sous vide’ vacuum cooking, is a way of preparing and cooking so as to preserve and seal in all the subtleties and textures of cooked products. Giovanni at Angelo Inglima uses vasocottura with skill and brilliance to create and preserve some of his best confectionery items, so that all their original fragrance and freshness are preserved for you to enjoy, whether its’s an aromatic rum baba cake or a soft panettone – the delicious sweet bread loaf that originally emerged out of Milan, and has now spread throughout Sicily and Italy.

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